Dear Church Hosts & Concert Promoters,

We’re excited to announce that EHSS will continue headlining our own solo tour throughout 2012 and beyond. As our 2011 schedule is now at full capacity, we’re currently booking dates throughout 2012, including next Christmas season. If you've submitted a date for consideration in the past that we were unable to accommodate for any reason, we encourage you to please fill out the "Hosting An EHSS Concert" form on our Booking Requests page.

We have had almost two whole, wonderful years paying tribute to the legendary Cathedral Quartet and, while they’ll never be forgotten, now it’s time for our next chapter. Our new album will be released early in 2012 and songs from that project will feature heavily in our new tour, called “Here We Are Again”.

We will support the tour with downloadable posters, editable Youtube videos which you can easily edit for your own market, a customisable TV advert, up to date BIO’s, hi res. photos, press releases, radio spots and so on. This will be the best supported event in terms of media you have ever staged.

Number and Mix of Dates: We will put on about 100 solo concerts next year — around 70 in North America and 30 international shows. We’re seeking churches, performing arts centers and all interested promoters with venues that can seat 800-1,500. Production is included. Our 2012 tour will be a special event that has been in the making for nearly three years.

Yes, we had the “Cathedrals” Album last year, but it’s been almost three years now since we have had a fresh, new album full of our own songs. Well, that wait is over. Our new album, Here We Are Again, is a collection of brand new, classic Signature Sound tracks. We know our fans will love it.

We continue to feel blessed as we anticipate our best and most fulfilling years are still ahead of us, and we hope to share an all-new evening of just EHSS with your market. We are starting the booking process now so we can talk through and pray through each location we will visit in the next 18 months. We want everyone go away from these EHSS shows remembering them as the best they’ve ever experienced.

Contact us today to share your proposed EHSS concert event! To submit a North American date for consideration, please go to our Booking Requests page, and click on “Hosting An EHSS Concert.” For international show suggestions, click on the "International” tab. My booking agent Brian Hudson and I are waiting to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time and support!

Kindest Regards,