Doug gives his thoughts on the weekend trip to California

It's always a thrill to go out west to the great state of California. The weather is always great, the scenery is perfect, and the people are nothing short of amazing to sing to. This year was no different.

We all flew in a day early to spend time with some dear friends of ours. One friend in particular is Gary Gerould (G-Man), who just happens to be the Sacramento Kings' basketball announcer. We really loved that. Gary and his wife Marlene have been long time friends and we always enjoy seeing them.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday kicked us into our routine filled with running, workouts, rehearsals, soundchecks, and of course three great California shows. We visited three sunny cities and each audience brought us a lot of love together with an electric atmosphere.

By the time we all got on our planes to fly home we were exhausted, but extremely humbled. California had treated us well and showed us love like never before. Like E says, As long as you keep coming out to see us, we will keep coming back.

Thanks for making it a West Coast tour to remember.