I want to tell you about something that is going to be out of this world fun!  The first ever ďCruise with EHSSĒ tour of the Western Caribbean.  This will take place February 2nd thru 7th, 2013. Details are here

We are going on the newest and brightest of all ships, The Liberty Of The Seas.  This ship has been featured on the Travel Channel and is extremely popular.  It's like being in a five star hotel resort that happens to have a theme park complex hooked on to it.  Anything and everything is available on this ship, it's a destination in itself.

I have so many fun things planned for us to do as well. Some of these include EHSS concerts, a morning devotional time, meeting and hanging out with the EHSS families and an EHSS karaoke night. We also have special guest singers and speakers like my great friends Wesley Pritchard and Marshal Hall (formerly of the Gaither Vocal Band). Add to that the big band sounds of Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, harmony from the trio Sisters, a Doug Anderson solo mini concert, and you'll see we have a full program.

But wait! (insert drum roll here) - we will also have the first ever Elvis review show featuring yours truly, Ernvis.  Thatís right! Iím going to lose 20 pounds and put on my Elvis jump suit and actually put a show together.  I have always wanted to do this and now is the perfect time!

We have other programming ideas too, but I have but donít have the space to tell you about them here. And on top of all that youíre going to have full access to the rest of the shipís food, entertainment and amenities.

When we do a concert in a city near you, we (EHSS) and you are like two ships that pass in the night. We donít get quality time with you.  On this ship we will sing together, eat together, sight-see together, eat together, worship together, eat together, fellowship together, eat together, laugh together, and you guessed it, EAT TOGETHER!  We are going to grow in the Lord (and maybe in the lard), I promise. :)

In my opinion, Here We Are Again is not just the title of a song and CD; it is the soundtrack to the EHSS experience.  When you leave this ship, we will forever be bonded together.  The ship and the ports will be wonderful, but the time together will be what we will always remember. 

There are many different levels of rooms and prices, so check out the website and pray about it. Together, letís praise the Lord for all the things He has done and what He has brought us through. And, did I mention, letís laugh and eat while we are at it. :) 

Hope to see you there!

Oh What A Savior, 

Ernie Haase