New Compilation set to release

The year 2012 marks 25 years of LIVE concert ministry from Ernie Haase.

And tomorrow we will release a brand new compilation featuring 11 songs from Ernie's solo career.


The front cover artwork is shown above and here are the answers to several questions you have been asking....

1. Is this a Downloadable CD only?
Answer: Yes, this is available by download only and only from

2. Can I buy a normal CD copy?
Answer: No, this is download only.

3. How many tracks are on the compilation?
Answer: There are 10 tracks from the best of Ernie's solo career, selected by Ernie himself and one VERY SPECIAL bonus track, never released before, featuring Ernie singing with his brother Jarrod.

4. What do I get in the download?
Answer: There will be the eleven tracks mentioned above, the artwork for the project and a PDF document with notes about the project and some of the songs.

5. Someone said there was a bonus for buying early?
Answer: Yes, if you buy the project in the first 25 hours of it being available, we will also include a digital copy of a very special interview Ernie did with United Christian Broadcasters in London. This is an audio file that you can listen to on your computer or ipod and it's over 50 minutes long and very high quality.

6. When does this go on sale?
Answer: It will appear on our website at 12 noon (central)  on Thursday 19th July. So if you want the bonus interview mentioned in point 4, above, you need to buy before 1pm Central on Friday 20th July.

7. How do you deliver this?
Answer: As it's a download product, there is nothing to ship. As soon as you purchase, all the songs and files can be downloaded immediately to your own computer and they are then yours to keep.

8. Can I pre-order it now?
Answer: NO, the link will appear on the website by 12 noon on Thursday.

9. Which songs are on there?

1. Journey On
2. Jesus Is The Reason Why I Sing
3. What A Difference A Day Makes
4. Peace In The Valley
5. He Loved Me With A Cross
6. Anything Can Happen
7. When Jesus Comes In The Clouds
8. The Ground Is Level
9. Grave Robber
10. An Unexpected Cross
11. Take All Of Me

10. Where can I watch the videos that were recorded about the project?
Click HERE to go to our Youtube channel

So there you have it! This releases tomorrow and we know that you will love it. So come to after 12 noon CST on Thursday and the link will be there.

Enjoy it, and here's to the next 25 years!