Paul Harkey Joins Ernie Haase and Signature Sound


Southern Gospel fans are already buzzing with word that a new bass singer is joining Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. 

On blogs and online forums, it seems to be unanimous that while music lovers are sad to see Ian Owens move on to other opportunities, they are excited that Paul Harkey will be the newest member of EHSS -- and that opinion is shared by none other than Ian himself! Warm, funny Ian Owens took the time to call and to post a heartfelt congratulatory welcome on Paul's Facebook page, and that kind of support can only make the transition even more positive for the whole EHSS family. And since Paul Harkey calls George Younce one of his early influences -- especially George's rhythm, his phrasing, and his heart -- the young bass singer can’t help but feel right at home with Ernie Haase, son-in-law of the late great Cathedrals bass singer. According to Ernie, Paul Harkey "has a voice that fills up the room," and will bring "another level of excitement" to any live listening audience. 

On the road since 2007, Paul Harkey has enjoyed singing and touring with respected groups like Crystal River, Anchormen, and The LeFevre Quartet. With a bachelor's degree in Church Music from Wayland Baptist University, this Texas native is well-prepared for a new adventure with Signature Sound. “I was called into ministry,” Paul said about his positive time serving as a church minister of music, but was encouraged to learn that singing on the road is “what I’m supposed to do,” and “lets me fulfill what God's will is for me.”

Paul, a self-described “regular guy” who loves hunting and fishing, has the support of his whole family as he joins Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. He and his wife Jennifer, and their daughter Cameron are also looking forward to meeting a new member of their family -- due in late April, 2013.

When the founder of Signature Sound contacted Paul Harkey to let him know that he'd been hired, Ernie Haase explained why Paul was a good match for the group:  "Your voice and your talent will get you on the stage; the person you are off the stage will keep you on the stage." Without a doubt, all of the guys in EHSS share Ernie's confidence about the connection Paul Harkey is certain to make with the fans, and they are excited to invite everyone to experience a never-to-be-repeated event -- Paul's debut concert with Ernie Haase and Signature Sound in Elizabethtown, NC, on October 18, 2012.