Together: A DVD for the Ages

This past weekend, I was reminiscing on stage about my friend Bill Gaither having just talked to him on the phone about the Butler basketball game. In that story, I just casually mentioned to the crowd that we (EHSS) did a video with The Gaither Vocal Band back in 2007. Off the cuff, I said something like, “if you don’t have it pick it up … it will be a blessing to you.” Well, we sold out of the DVDs we had with us that night.

It later dawned on me that we sing to new people every night who might not know about our products unless they are told. So, for all your dear people who have just started following us, and for those long-time friends who don’t yet have this DVD, take a look at this “classic” video. Together is one for the ages and I’m sure you will enjoy it over and over again. To order it online, click HERE.

Enjoy a little blast from our past!