"Love Is A Verb" Pre-Sale

Hello friends,
The first time I met Devin McGlamery, this is what I saw - I think he was 10 or 12...don't really remember. He looked more like Dennis the Menace than the polished, exciting, young, gospel singer he has become today but I could tell...
I could tell that one day he was going to make a mark in this musical world we call gospel music.
I could tell that one day he was going to make a difference in people's lives.
I could tell that one day he was going to be "somebody."
When Devin joined the group a few years ago, I remembered back to that first time I met him, and each time I think of him I get a smile. I love it when young people LOVE our music, just like I did so many years ago. I love it when they come up to Devin and look up to him and LOVE our music, just like he did so many years ago.

Today is a proud day for me. I get to share with you, our friends, a chance to pre-order Devin's very first solo release, Love Is A Verb.
You are going to love this! With special guests like Karen Peck & New River, Russ Taff, Beyond The Ashes, and of course, Signature Sound, this project has something for everyone.
I am proud of Devin, the man he is, the Father he is and the role model he is to so many and I know you love him as well!
Here's what you get when you order:
The new "Love Is A Verb" CD
Bonus Digital Track download of "Up Above My Head" a duet with Russ Taff, available for Immediate download when the pre-sale order is placed
A live recording by EHSS called "California Live - Vol 2 CD" (shipped when the new CD ships)
Don't delay, order today (that rhymed! ha!) and get ready for some great music!
Til next time!
- Ernie