South Africa Tour 2013 Recap

 Hello EHSS Friends,

It has been a busy week: two 16-hour flights, two great concerts (Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa) and some great sight-seeing.  Now this tenor singer is worn out.  Oh, but what a way to go!  I crashed for 12 hours (so did all the guys from what I hear) and now I’m reporting to you that the whole trip was a HUGE success!
I thought about writing about our experiences, but found that a picture is truly worth a thousand words.  So I put together a video/slideshow and added some captions and music.  Sit back, relax and enjoy our trip.
Click HERE for slideshow of EHSS South Africa Trip  

As we celebrate our nation’s independence this July 4th, remember that there are still those who fight every day for our freedom and that there are still those who are in bondage.  Human dignity is universal and exemplified by our wonderful country in spite of our history.  Let’s continue to let freedom and liberty be our theme and goal until everyone enjoys this grace.
One further note: 
My great friend and business partner, Wayne Haun, has finally finished his first solo CD.  The project is called “Old Soul” and will be released on July 23rd through StowTown Records.
“Old Soul” is rightly titled since most all of these songs are from the World War II generation. Additionally, Wayne recorded two original songs. While this is NOT a Christian/Gospel CD, it includes great classics like: “Let’s Fall In Love”, “Give Me the Simple Life”, and “Here You Come Again”.
I will have more to say later next week.  In the meantime, here is a peek at the cover of this wonderful CD.  To hear samples, click here.  Wayne even let me do a duet with him on the classic song, “Are You Having Any Fun”.  
In closing, I hope you know how much we love and appreciate your support, concern and prayers.  You mean the world to us.  Your “Ambassadors Of Joy” were in top form this past week in South Africa.  I am so proud of Doug, Devin, Wayne, Paul and David.  The way they continue to bring professionalism each and every night and still “keep it real” on and off stage is refreshing to me.  We are not saints!  Never said we were.  But these guys are saints to me.  Thank you gents!
Come see us sometime soon!
In Christ,


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Calvary Church
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