1. When We All Get To Heaven

  2. Little Is Much

  3. Softly and Tenderly

  4. Stand By Me (reprise)

  5. Heavenly Parade

    Words and Music by:
    Adgar Pace, JT Cook, James D Vaughn

    Our traveling days will soon be over here, And we shall cross the rolling tide, For
    we are down here for just a little while, Our home is on the other side,
    Ambassadors true for Jesus our redeemer, And its a love crusade, For right
    against wrong, But soon we'll join the throng in Heaven when the saints

    LEAD: For Heaven's Kings, We gladly sing the story old, Yet ever new in Glory
    Land, With that glad band, We'll promenade in Heaven's parade

    TENOR: For Heaven's Kings, We will gladly sing the story old, Yet ever new in
    Glory Land in that fair land, We'll promenade in Heaven's parade

    BARITONE: For Heaven's King of glory, We will gladly sing the story, Wonderful
    story is old yet is ever new in Glory Land, Up yonder with that great and happy
    band, We all them will promenade in Heaven in that grand parade

    BASS: For Heaven's own King, For Heaven's Holy King, So gladly we will shout
    and sing, The blessed old story, Sing it for His glory, Tis old yet ever new in
    Glory Land fair up yonder in the air, In with eternal happy band, We'll
    promenade there, And never know a care in Heaven, When the saints parade

    (Chorus all parts)

    Pathway Press, Stamps Qt Music (Administered by ICG)

  6. Glory Glory Clear the Road

    Glory glory clear the road,
    I'm tired of totin this heavy load,
    Ol St Peter I'm a running late,
    Can't you get that key and unlock the gate

    Once I heard a preacher man,
    Preachin about that promised land,
    How it flowed with sparkling wine,
    Luscious fruit hung on the vine,
    Not a worry, not a care,
    All is peace and no despair,
    For on that day I had aspired,
    To reach that land of so desire

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Then He preached about that place,
    That's reserved for fallen race,
    And damnation for the stray,
    That would come along the way,
    There is Devil is a-waitin by a might lake of fire,
    All the rest you know so well,
    Only flame they call if

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Gonna preach now (oh yeah)
    I'm gonna tell you how (oh yeah),
    How you can get up there (oh yeah)
    How you can reach that city so bright and fair,
    You gotta live right, (oh yeah)
    You gotta pray each night (oh yeah)
    Down on your bended knee (oh yeah)
    You gotta trust in God He'll set you free,
    Up in the good land (oh yeah)
    Where all the righteous stand (oh yeah)
    I'm gonna see His face (oh yeah)
    He's gonna say "My child you've run the race",
    Beauty so rare, (oh yeah) It's beyond compare (oh yeah)
    You'll never know a care (oh yeah)
    Up on the golden streets so bright and fair,
    Then you'll be shouting,
    Glory, glory glory clear the road

  7. Words and Music:
    Eldridge Fox

    Mary came unto the tomb of Jesus,
    The stone was moved,
    He had gone away,
    The angle said "Fear not I know whom seek ye, for He has risen'
    This she heard him say

    Gone the stone is rolled back,
    Gone the tomb is empty,
    Gone to sit at the Fathers side,
    Gone over death triumphant,
    Gone sin is defeated, Gone He live forever more

    Oh come with me and see this risen Savior,
    Who can still turn the dark of death today,
    He can calm the storms of doubt and part the oceans,
    And He can still roll your heavy stone away

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Gone (over death triumphant)
    Gone (sin is defeated)
    Gone He lives forever more, Yes He's gone

    1972 Kingsmen Publishing Co/BMI

  8. Going Home

    Words and Music by:
    Bill Gaither, Gloria Gaither

    Verse:Many times in my childhood,
    When we traveled so far,
    By nightfall how weary I'd grow,
    Fathers arms would slip 'round me,
    And gently he'd say, "My child we are going home"

    Going home, I'm going home,
    There is nothing to hold me here,
    I've caught a glimpse of that Heavenly land,
    Praise God we are going home

    Now the twilight is fading,
    And the day soon shall end,
    I get homesick the farther I roam,
    But my father has led me each step of the way,
    And now I am going home

    (Repeat Chorus)

    I've caught a glimpse of that Heavenly land,
    Praise God we are going home

    Gaither Music Co/ASCAP

  9. Old Time Christian Way

    Words and Music by:
    Dewey Belknap, Rupert Cravens

    Look around you dear neighbor,
    In these times which we live,
    At the things you can see here today,
    It won't be long till Gabriel his trumpet shall sound,
    And the Lord comes to take his bride away

    Well I wanna go back,
    back to the Bible,
    I wanna see old,
    old time revival,
    I wanna see people kneel at an old time altar to pray,
    I wanna see more camp meeting salvation,
    I wanna see saints, saints headed for Heaven,
    I wanna go back, back to the old time Christian way

    If your life brother sister,
    is not what it should be Jesus saves,
    He'll forgive you today,
    You can have peace from heaven down deep in your soul,
    Just go back to the old time Christian way

    Stamps Baxter Music/BMI
    (Administered by Brentwood Benson Music Publishing Inc)
    All rights reserved. Used by permission

  10. Happy Rhythm

    Words and Music by:
    Mosie Lister

    There's a happy rhythm,
    It's a rockin and rollin,
    I can feel it movin,
    When I'm singing this song,
    What a thrill to feel it movin on,
    And never stoppin deep within my heart,
    It keeps a rollin and a rockin,
    Rollin and a rockin and a rockin and a rollin,
    It's a happy rhythm in my soul, In my soul

    Brother let me tell you,
    How I feel tell you 'bout a feelin feelin that is real,
    Brother let me tell you, How the glory rolls,
    Tell ya how it bubbles in my happy soul,
    Happiness is free, Its never bought a soul,
    Let me tell ya how I feel, Let me tell you

    (Repeat Chorus Twice)

    1953, renewed 1981 Mosie Lister Songs (admin. by The Copyright Co) BMI

  11. Had It Not Been

    Words and Music by:
    Rusty Goodman

    Verse:Just suppose God searched through Heaven,
    And couldn't find one willing to be,
    The supreme sacrifice that was needed,
    That would buy eternal life for you and me

    Had it not been for a place called Mt Calvary,
    Had it not been for the old rugged cross,
    Had it not been for a man called Jesus,
    Then forever my soul would be lost

    Well I'm so glad He was willing to drink
    His bittercup, Although He prayed "Father let it pass from me",
    And I'm so glad He never called Heaven's angels,
    From these hands,
    Pulled the nails that torment me

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Then forever my soul would be lost

    Play In Tag Music (Administered by ICG)

  12. Stand By Me

    Public Domain Author unknown

    Now there's a time,
    We feel alone,
    Although we've done no wrong,(Done no wrong),
    Oh Lord, (Oh Lord), Oh Lord, stand by me (Lord stand by me)
    And there's a time,
    We stand the test,
    Lord, you know we've done our best, (Done our best),
    Oh Lord, (Oh Lord), Oh Lord, stand by me (Lord stand by me)

    Stand by me Lord, yeah, (Oh Lord, stand by me)
    While I walk, (While I walk this lonesome road)
    Stand by me Lord, yeah, (Oh Lord, stand by me)
    Help me to bear (Help me bear this load, this heavy load)
    And if I stumble, (If I stumble Lord),
    Pick me up, (Pick me up),
    Help me to drink, Yes, (Help me drink this bitter cup),
    Till I reach my home in Glory, (Oh Lord, oh Lord)
    Stand by me, (Lord stand by me)

  13. Gentle Shepherd

    Words and Music by:
    Bill Gaither

    Gentle shepherd,
    Come and lead us,
    For we need you to help us find our way,
    Gentle shepherd, come and feed us,
    For we need your strength from day to day
    There's no other, We can turn to,
    Who can help us face another day

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Gaither Music/ASCAP

  14. Oh What A Savior

    Words and Music by:
    Marvin P Dalton

    He gave His life's blood for even me

    Once I was straying, In sin's dark valley,
    No hope within could I see,
    They searched through Heaven and found a Savior,
    To save a poor lost soul like me

    Chorus:Oh what a Savior, Oh Hallelujah,
    His heart was broken on Calvary,
    His hands were nail scarred,
    His side was riven,
    He gave His life's blood for even me

    Deaths chilly waters, I'll soon be crossing,
    His hand will lead me safe o're,
    Then I'll join the chorus, In that great city,
    And sing up there forever more

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Stamps Baxter Music/BMI (Administered by ICG)