1. Shout, Brother, Shout

    Words and Music by:
    Lari Goss

    "This a very old song that was written by our producer, Lari Goss, and
    originally recorded by the Goss Brothers in the early ‘60s. It’s a fun
    song, very much in that “old school” tradition that we really love
    performing" - (Ernie Haase)

    Shout Brother Shout
    Shout Brother Shout
    When you get that feeling,
    Shout Brother Shout
    Look the world right in the eye
    Tell them about that home on high
    And when you get that feeling
    Shout Brother Shout

    When you feel the spirit moving in you soul
    Then you know the Lord wants full control, Then
    you can (back to chorus)

    LeFevre Sing Publishing Co. / BMI All rights
    reserved. Used by permission

  2. Trying To Get a Glimpse

    Words and Music by:
    James Weatherington, Suzanne Jennings

    "Jim “Big Chief” Weatherington of the legendary Statesmen wrote this song, but Suzanne
    Jennings, Bill and Gloria Gaither’s daughter, wrote a new bridge. The Cathedrals recorded
    the song on our last CD, Faithful, but Bill Gaither told me we didn’t get enough mileage
    out of it since the group retired shortly after its release. We brought it back with our Sig
    Sound touch, and Bill was right…there is a bunch of juice left in this puppy." - (Ernie Haase)

    Standing by the river, Gazing cross the raging tide
    Standing by the river, trying to get a glimpse
    of whats over on the other side, other side.

    Standing on the banks of the river
    Looking beyond, looking beyond (The river, Ooh)
    Standing on the banks of the river
    Looking for a home, Looking for a home (To Heaven, Ahh)
    Just to get a glimpse of my Jesus
    And that home up there on high
    Looking for the light of my Savior
    Up in the sky

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Verse:Standing there waiting for the boat man
    Ready to go, ready to go (To heaven , Ooh)
    Standing there waiting for the boatman
    On that shore, On that shore (Of Jordan, Ahh)
    Just to get a glimpse of that city
    And behold my Savior there
    Then I"ll know forever I'll be In my Saviors care.

    Well I was standing on the banks
    When I saw that ol ship take my momma home
    I was standing on the banks when daddy
    Crossed the river and left me all alone
    Now I'm standing on the banks
    Just waiting for my ride to heavens golden shore
    And I'm, trying to get a glimpse of what's over on the other side

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Faith Music, Pilot Point Music / SESAC, ASCAP

  3. Godspeed

    Words and Music by:
    Joel Lindsey, Sue Smith

    "We love this song! We added a number of different languages
    and I think that really set us apart. We will always try something
    new and push our creativity on each project, and this is the one.
    The message is universal…let’s love each other like it’s the last time." - (Ernie Haase)

    I've been dreaming dreams of a Heavenly place
    Cause this world is not my home
    So I'm traveling light on my journey here
    Making plans for the day I go
    If this is the last time we have down here together
    I promise you I'll see you in forever

    Bon Voyage
    Until we meet again
    Go with God
    See you soon my friend
    If I go before you do
    Or you're the first to fly
    Godspeed, adios, for now goodbye

    There may be some tears when we're saying so long
    But our parting will be sweet
    Cause my heart is sure that the time will come
    I will meet you on golden streets
    So lets make some memories to treasurer for a lifetime
    And love each other like it's the last time...

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Aloha, arrivederci, sayonara, ciao
    bona suerta, auf wiedersehn for now
    Godspeed, adios, shalom, goodbye

    Paragon Music Corp., Vacation Boy Music, New Spring
    Publishing, CCTB Music / ASCAP All rights reserved. Used by permission

  4. Then Came The Morning

    Words and Music by:Gloria Gaither, William J. Gaither, Chris Christian

    "Bill Gaither told me that he was going to record this on the Vocal Band if we didn’t record it, and that’s all the incentive I needed. This Gaither song is indeed timeless. When we sing it live, it shuts the show down…praise and worship breaks out! The response is like nothing I’ve ever seen in our concerts." - (Ernie Haase)

    They all walked away
    Nothing to say
    They just lost their dearest friend
    All that they said
    Now he was dead
    So this was the way it would end

    The dreams the had dreamed
    Were not what they seemed
    Now he was dead and gone
    The garden, the jail,
    The hammer, the nail
    How could a night be so long.

    The angel the star
    The kings from afar
    The wedding, the water, the wine
    Now it was done, they taken her son
    Wasted before His time

    They knew it was true
    They watched him die too
    They heard them call Him just a man
    But deep in her heart
    She knew from the start
    Somehow her son would live again

    Then came the morning
    Night turned into day
    The stone was rolled away
    Hope rose with the dawn
    Then came the morning
    Shadows vanished before the sun
    Death had lost and life had won
    For morning had come

    (Morning has broken, like the first morning)

    Gaither Music Company, Home Sweet Home Music / ASCAP All rights reserved. Used by permission

  5. Do You Want To Be Forgiven

    Words and Music by: Rodney Griffin

    "This will be our first single from the new CD. It sounds like the old Imperials of the ‘70s and ‘80s. It’s fun and retro, and we love the message and the feel of the song." - (Ernie Haase)

    Phillip heard the Spirit saying, "There's a blessing up ahead"
    "Walk this road and I will lead the way"
    He saw the Eunoch reading, but he didn't know what he had read
    Phillip climbed aboard the chariot, He knew just what to say!

    Do you want to be forgiven?
    Do you want to go to heaven?
    Freedom from your sin
    Peace and joy within
    Only life worth living!
    Do you want to live forever?
    In a place where sorrow comes no never
    Come and go with me all the way to Calvary
    If you want to be forgiven!

    This notion of new life may be a mystery to you
    "How could a Holy God reach down to me?" You say.
    My friend, I'm here to tell you that the Word of God is true
    Eternal life is waiting, if you'll just believe!

    Songs of Greater Vision / BMI All rights reserved. Used by permission

  6. This Old Place

    Words and Music by:Dianne Wilkinson

    "Another show stopper, but of a different kind. Tender and passionate, this song reminds everyone that this world is not our home, and we should never forget that no matter how many great times we have down here, Heaven holds so much more than “this old place.” " - (Ernie Haase)

    Cleaning up at this old place, everything inside is gone
    We sold the house to a stranger here, my family's moved on
    The cedar chest, the rocking chair, the old piano too
    They've moved on to another place, so here's what I must do.

    Remember this is not my home, I just lived here for awhile
    A place to live and laugh and love, making memories as a child
    My real home waits on the other side where my treasures lie in store
    I know I'll grieve for this old place...but Heaven holds much more

    This old place reminds me of this earthly house of clay
    We'll trade for one that's Glorified when the Lord returns one day
    In our Fathers house above, there's a mansion bright and fair
    And the ones we loved in this old place are waiting for us there.

    Remember this is not our home, we just lived here for awhile
    A place to live and laugh and love making memories as a child
    Our real home waits on the other side where our treasures lie in store
    No need to grieve for this old place...for Heaven holds much more.

    Centergy Music / BMI All rights reserved. Used by permission

  7. If This Is What God Wants

    Words and Music by:Rodney Griffin

    "Our little bass singer, Tim Duncan, gives this, what I feel, is his best effort yet. It’s a great message paired with great music. I may not understand what God wants, but we can always trust and lean on what God says. God’s got our back!" - (Ernie Haase)

    God told Abraham to rise, and take his little boy
    To a lonely place they called Moriah's hill
    God said, "There you'll sacrifice your precious pride and joy"
    "But you'll be blessed in ways I cannot tell
    He said, "Lord I trust Your perfectness as You rule from up on high"
    "And though this trial is pressing us, this is how I will reply"

    If this is what God wants
    If this is what God says
    Then who I am to doubt
    Or try to figure out this circumstance?
    If this is what God chose for me
    In all His majesty
    Then surely I can trust and lean
    On what God says

    Sometimes the storms we face in life are not what we would chose
    If we have the power to choose them for ourselves
    We would take the easy road thinking there's no way to lose
    But we would miss the blessing of the Father's will
    So we must trust His perfectness as He rules from up on high
    And when those trials are pressing us this is how we should reply

    Songs of Greater Vision / BMI All rights reserved. Used by permission

  8. Pray For Me

    Words and Music by:Dianne Wilkinson

    "This is young Ryan Seaton’s coming out song! For the last two years, Ryan has been working his way into his new role. We’ve taken our time with this gifted young man and given him room to grow and gain confidence. When we first heard this song, Ryan asked to sing it. I raised my eyebrows, because it did not sound like a song that Ryan, with his laid-back demeanor, could deliver. Boy, was I wrong! You will understand when you hear it…Ryan really stepped up to the plate." - (Ernie Haase)

    Pray for me when I'm lonely; pray for me when I'm blue
    Ask God to send down a blessing
    And I'll do the same when I'm praying for you
    We all need loving care and our names just mentioned in prayer
    When the storms trouble life's raging sea
    Whether it's morning, noon-time or night time, pray for me

    Pray for me, that I'll be faithful; pray for me that I'll be true
    Ask God to lead me, ask Him to guide me
    And I'll do the same when I'm praying for you
    We all need lifting up when the road we're walking gets rough
    When only trouble is all we can see
    Yes, in the bad times, good times and sad times, pray for me

    I need the prayers of those I love
    You pray for me, and I'll pray for you
    We have a Heavenly Father above
    Who still hears His children and carries them through

    Whether I'm right, whether I'm wrong
    Crying the blues or singing a song
    When you're interceeding, remember my plea, Pray for me

    Centergy Music / BMI All rights reserved. Used by permission

  9. Goodbye Egypt (Hello Canaan Land)

    Words and Music by: Marty Funderburk, Jerry Kelso

    "This was the first tenor-bass duet I have heard in a very long time. Tim and I go nose-to-nose on this fun, jazzy tune. What a great time we have!" - (Ernie Haase)

    I was born in Egypt's bondage
    I was bound by sin and strife
    I was sure that I would wander
    In the wilderness for all my life
    But then I heard God's Spirit say
    This desert's not where you should be
    There's a land that flows with milk and honey
    So pack your bags and follow me (I said..)

    Goodbye Egypt I'm leaving and
    I'm never coming back again
    Goodbye Egypt Hello Canaanland

    So listen, friend, if you're a prisoner
    Tired of chains that bind your soul
    Believe the Lord will break the fetters
    He wants you to be happy and whole
    Just call on Him and He will lead you
    Out of your captivity Into that promised land of plenty
    Get up, get going if you want to be free (and say..)

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Goodbye old way of living Hello loved and forgiven
    Goodbye death and the grave
    Hello heaven thank God I'm saved

    Christian Taylor Music / BMI, Winding Way Music / ASCAP All rights reserved. Used by permission

  10. Forgiven Again

    Words and Music by:Gloria Gaither, Benjamin Gaither

    "Doug steps out on lead on this new song written by Gloria Gaither and her son Benjy, and he sings it with great emotion and passion. We all need to be reminded that God has forgiven us in full. When we get down on ourselves, it’s good to know that God does not forgive us as a one time act, but has forgiven us again and again, not because he should, but because forgiveness is what He IS." - (Ernie Haase)

    I left my family the love I had known
    Couldn’t believe how calloused I’d grown
    Then I woke up one morning in cold freezing rain
    And I said I’ll go back were I caused so much pain

    Just in sight of the place where the lane meets the road
    The Father was waiting to carry my load
    His big arms were open to draw me to Him
    Forgiven, Forgiven, Forgiven again

    If you broken the trust and betrayed your best friend
    If your lost and confused wondering where it will end
    There’s a way you can know that wherever you’ve been
    You can make your way home and be forgiven again

    Just in sight of the place where the path meets the road
    The Father is waiting to carry your load
    His big arms are longing to draw you to Him
    Forgiven, Forgiven, Forgiven again.

    Gaither Music Company, One On The Line Music / ASCAP All rights reserved. Used by permission