1. Clear Skies

    Verse One:
    Long are the nights when you’re lonely
    Tough are the days filled with pain
    Sometimes this life gives you thunder
    And then you get caught in the rain

    Verse Two:Take it from someone who’s weatheredMore than a couple of storms
    There might be sadness around youBut joy will soon knock on your door

    I see clear skies coming and it won’t be long
    I see sunshine after the clouds are all goneYou may be crying all night
    But God’s gonna send down a Heavenly light
    I see clear skies coming and I know it won’t be long

    Verse Three:
    So go on and laugh at the bad times
    Some things are out of your handsWhen life throws a lot of stuff at you
    turn up the music and dance

    (Repeat Chorus)

  2. Heaven Is

    Verse One:
    This is old world is not where I belong, Heaven is:
    It was never meant to be my home, Heaven is :
    So I will not hold to treasure here,:
    I'm bound for a land where there are no tears:
    What is this place of joys so dear?

    Chorus One::
    Heaven is where the glorious Lamb of God forever reigns:
    Heaven is where I'll sing one day with the angels and the saints:
    Ask me what is waiting 'cause the Savior made me His:
    Heaven is, Heaven is

    Verse Two::
    Oh, what is this place our Lord's prepared?:
    Heaven is:
    When He calls my name I'll wake up where?:
    Heaven is:
    There are golden streets and jasper walls:
    That paradise, to my heart it calls:
    And I can't wait to see it all

    (Repeat Chorus One)

  3. Give Me Jesus

    Verse One:
    Tell me not of worldly treasures
    Like the leaves they fade and fall
    Tell me not of worldly pleasures
    Next to Christ, they’re oh so small

    Give me Jesus
    Give me Jesus
    There’s no greater friend than He
    Give me Jesus
    Give me Jesus
    For He gave His life to me

    Verse Two:
    Earthly friendship has its weakness
    It may wound and leave me, too
    But my Savior never changes
    He is constant, He is true

    Verse Three:
    Tell me not of fear and sorrow
    Though in life they cloud our days
    If we face a grim tomorrow
    Christ is victory for always

    (Repeat Chorus)

  4. Sailing With Jesus

    Verse One:
    Oh, I dove into the deep end of religion
    and I found it much to difficult to swim’
    til I gave up and cried, “Jesus, come and save me,
    come and save me,” so He saved me – Now I’m

    Sailing with Jesus
    out on the open water
    Breezing together on the tide
    I’m sailing with Jesus
    I’m such a blissful sailor
    Sailing with the Savior side by my side
    Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh.

    Verse Two:
    Don’t we try to make it all so complicated?
    Don’t we blind ourselves to all the mystery?
    When His love is just as peaceful as the oceanAnd it’s easy, just like breathing –
    And I’m

    (Repeat Chorus)

    I’m letting go of my ties to the shore, what a freedom
    Closer than ever before to my dreams, I can see them
    I can see them, I can see them

    (Repeat Chorus)

  5. As for Me and My House

    Vocal Intro:
    I will serve with gladness
    I will serve with joy
    I will love my neighbor

    Verse One:
    I am so happy while traveling onward
    To Heaven’s eternal city home of delight
    Burdens are lighter
    My pathway grows brighter
    Since Jesus is with me day and night

    I’ll serve the Lord (serve the Lord)
    I’ll watch and pray (watch and pray)
    His blessed book (blessed book)
    I will obey (will obey)
    The world may doubt (world may doubt)
    His Holy Word (Holy Word)
    But as for me and my house
    We’ll serve the Lord

    Verse Two:
    There is true gladness in serving the Savior
    For He always answers when upon Him I call
    I love my father, my mother and kindred
    But I love my Jesus most of all

    (Repeat Chorus)

  6. Give Them All to Jesus (with The Booth Brothers)

    Verse One:
    Are you tired of chasing pretty rainbows?
    Are you tired of spinning round and round?
    Wrap up all the shattered dreams of your life and at the feet of
    Jesus lay them down

    Chorus:Give them all, give them all, give them all to Jesus
    Shattered dreams, wounded hearts, broken toys,
    Give them all, give them all, give them all to Jesus
    And He will turn your sorrow into joy

    Verse Two:He never said you’d only see sunshine
    He never said there'd be no rain
    He only promised a heart full of singing about the very thing
    that once brought pain

    (Repeat Chorus)

  7. Long Line of Love

    Verse One:
    It was there in the garden
    when God created man
    and standing in the furnace through the flame
    It was there within the covenant
    God made with Abraham
    and it held Noah’s family safely through the rain

    Verse Two:
    At the feeding of five-thousand
    with a little fish and bread
    and in the touch that made the blind to seeIt is why the grave is empty‘
    cause it conquered sin and death
    and it offers life and hope and victory!

    You can trace it straight from Heaven
    to a town called Bethlehem
    and then follow up a hillside
    to a cross where grace began
    Flowing through each generation
    down from Calvary
    there’s a long line of love
    that reaches you and me

    Verse Three:
    It was in a little church
    and it was calling out my name
    And it’s held me through each storm that I have faced
    It’s the promise that I cling to
    as I stare up at the skies‘
    cause soon I’ll hear Love calling me away!

    (Repeat Chorus)

  8. Love Took His Breath Away

    Verse One:
    Thunder shook the hillside
    Darkness took the sky
    Some came just to mock him
    Others said goodbye
    The grief that wracked His body
    was beyond what words could say
    but when He thought of you and me
    Love took His breath away

    Verse Two:
    His mother stood in silence
    with tears of bitter grief“
    How could this happen?”
    She cried in disbelief
    Then in one final tremble
    His passion was displayed
    When for the sake of all mankind
    Love took His breath away

    Love in all its glory,
    Love in all its pain.
    Love was crucified and crushed
    Beneath what our sins weigh
    As blood flowed down
    And stained the ground
    He felt Himself give way
    But it wasn’t the nails or the cross, you see,
    Love took His breath away

    (Repeat Chorus)

  9. Three Men on a Mountain

    Three men on a mountain
    on crosses of shameBut the one in the middle
    was the one without blame
    The crowd watched in sorrow
    at the terrible scene
    Three men on a mountain
    but only one man
    was there dying for me

    Verse One:
    Friend, close your eyes and imagine
    Calvary long, long ago
    The sun hid its face
    at the dawning of grace,
    the earth started shaking below

    Verse Two:
    He died for my sin and undoing
    He died for my pain and regret
    Sent down from above
    in a scandal of love
    this old world will never forget

    (Repeat Chorus)

  10. You'll Find Him There

    Verse One:
    Go out, Elijah, out to the mountain
    Wait for the Lord to pass by
    Go out, Elijah, The Lord, He will bless thee
    He’s heard your desperate cry

    Chorus One:
    There was a wind, a mighty wind
    But no, He wasn’t in the wind
    There was a fire, a blazing fire
    But no, He wasn’t in the fire
    There was a big earthquake
    Moving under his feet
    And though the ground did shake
    Still the Lord he did not see
    He heard a still small voice
    that gently filled the air
    He found Him there, he found Him there.

    Verse Two:
    Go out, oh children, out to the mountain
    Wait for the Lord to pass by
    Go out, oh children, The Lord, He will bless thee
    He’s heard your desperate cry

    Chorus Two:
    There’ll be a wind, a mighty wind
    But no, he won’t be in the wind
    There’ll be a fire, a blazing fire,
    But no, he won’t be in the fire
    There’ll be a big earthquake
    Moving under your feet
    And though the ground will shake
    Still the Lord you will not see
    You’ll hear a still small voice
    That gently fills the air
    You’ll find him there, Oh, you’ll find him there.

    (Repeat Chorus Two)

  11. My Hallelujah (with Voices of Lee)

    My Halle, Hallelujah, Hallelujah My Halle, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

    Verse One:
    God told Joshua to march ‘round Jericho
    Seven times around those walls then let your trumpets blow
    One more thing I do require of thee
    On the final route back, a mighty shout – a shout of victory.
    Sing My Halle, Hallelujah, Hallelujah My Halle, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

    This is my Hallelujah
    This is my trumpet blast
    This is my revelation
    My dream is finally back
    This is my Hallelujah
    Oh, what a mighty sound
    This is the day of glory
    And the walls are gonna start tumbling down
    My Halle, Hallelujah, Hallelujah My Halle, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

    Verse Two:
    God told me to go do what I can do
    Be a soldier of love in the army of what’s true
    He’s already won the victory
    Lift your voice and shout, obliterate doubt and sing along with me
    My Halle, Hallelujah, Hallelujah My Halle, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Sometimes we say “yeah”
    Sometimes we say “yeah, yeah”
    Sometimes we say “Hallelujah”

    Halle, Halle,
    And the walls are gonna start tumbling down
    My Halle, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

    (Repeat Chorus)

  12. Walking Through Fire

    Verse One:
    Let me introduce you to Jesus
    He longs to be your Savior and Lord
    He’ll be your king, He’ll be your friend
    Whatever you expect, He’ll be more

    Chorus One:
    He’s the shout that calls the dead to life again
    He’s the bread that multiplies to meet your need
    He’s the midnight calm in the lion’s den
    And the shepherd who goes searching for the sheep
    He’s the hand that reaches out to rescue you
    when the waves are growing higher
    And He’s the fourth man who’s always there beside you
    when you’re walking through fire

    Verse Two:
    Every life will have its share of trouble
    But oh that’s when you’ll find Him so close
    And if you fall, He will carry you‘
    Cause every time you need Him the most

    (Repeat Chorus One)

    Chorus Two:
    He’s the victory cry that causes walls to fall
    He’s the song that rises from a prison cell
    He’s the love and grace that would bare your cross
    And the story of redemption that you tell
    Every time you offer up a desperate prayer,
    He will be your heart’s desire
    He’s the fourth man who’s always there beside you,
    when you’re walking through fire

  13. Longing for Home

    Verse One:
    When I was young,
    I was a dreamer
    I thought this world was mine to own
    And every day was an adventure
    All mine to claim
    I’d make a name
    That all would know

    Verse Two:
    Then as I grew I longed for comfort
    To taste the things this world affords
    But at their best, those things were fleeting
    A gnawing grewInside I knew
    There must be more

    Verse Three:
    And now I find myself here thinking
    How sweet this life has been to hold
    But through it all the pain, the blessings
    There’s been a pull
    To leave this world
    For streets of gold

    Now I’m longing for home
    Yes, I’m longing to be where I belong
    I love the life I’ve lived
    But I know soon it will be gone
    That’s why I’m longing for home