Ian is originally from Mississippi and has lived outside of Nashville, TN for some time now. Ian is 30 years old and has a beautiful family. He and his wife Megan have a son named Liam and a daughter named Taylor.

Ian comes from a long line of Gospel quartet bass singers. His grandfather Bid Owens Sr. sang with The Deacon Quartet then his father Butch Owens sang with The Watchmen Quartet, The Anchormen, The Stamps Quartet and The Florida Boys.

Before taking this job Ian sang for 10 years with two different groups. He started when he was 19 years old with the Cumberland Boys Quartet out of Branson's Silver Dollar City theme park.

More recently Armond Morales hired Ian as his replacement to become only the 2nd bass ever in the history of the Imperials. The Imperials started with Jake Hess in 1964 and had one of the smoothest sounds ever. Ian has that George Younce/ Armond Morales feel to his voice. As you will hear, the kid is a singer first and a bass singer second. That is what we were looking for in addition to his love for God and for people. And as that goes, Ian is a licensed minister.