Paul Harkey calls George Younce one of his early influences, so the young bass singer canít help but feel right at home as a member of Ernie Haase & Signature Sound -- since Ernie is the son-in-law of the late great Cathedrals bass singer. Although Paul is disappointed that he never had the honor to meet George personally, he will always remember being an awestruck audience member attending a Gaither "Texas Homecoming" concert. As a result, Harkey especially admires three specific qualities about Younce as an artist -- his rhythm, his phrasing, and his heart. Itís clear that the legendís example, along with the mentorship of both Tim Riley and Jeff Chapman, have all served Paul well in his career. According to Ernie Haase, Paul Harkey "has a voice that fills up the room," and brings "another level of excitement" to any live listening audience. On the road from 2007 to the present, Paul Harkey has enjoyed singing and touring with respected groups like Crystal River, The Anchormen, and The LeFevre Quartet. Having earned a bachelor's degree in Church Music from Wayland Baptist University in 2003, this Texas native has been well-prepared for his years with EHSS.

"I was called into ministry," Paul said about his positive time serving as a Church Minister of Music, who was encouraged to learn that singing on the road was just meant to be. "It's what I'm supposed to do and it allows me to fulfill what God's will is for me."

Ernie told Paul when he was hired that he was an obvious good match for the group.

"Your voice and your talent will get you on the stage; the person you are off the stage will keep you on the stage."

Paul is certain to make a long-lasting connection with the EHSS audience, since he believes that "the fans are the main reason we're there Ė to meet minister to them."

A self-described 'regular guy' who loves hunting and fishing, Paul is a family man who enjoys taking trips to the mountains of New Mexico, working with hunting dogs, and riding dirt bikes. He and his wife Jennifer, daughter, Cameron, and son, Weston, welcomed little brother Hudson Lee Harkey to the family on March 20, 2015.