Here We Are Again!
Posted on 01.09.2012

Well, if ever an album title was fitting for an occasion, this is it!

Our brand new website and our blog has returned! Or to use the title of the album, "Here We Are Again"!

These are exciting times for EHSS. As well as the website, tomorrow we launch the pre-sale for the brand new CD. We also have a brand new DVD, which you can get absolutely free when you pre-order the album.

We will do four International trips this year, then next year we have our first ever cruise, and on and on things go.

But you know what? There are more important things.

As we travel and we meet you at the table each night, it just re-enforces to us that we live in a hurting world. A world that needs Jesus more desperately than ever. And I can honestly say that that's why we're here. We want to impact that world for our Savior.

We want to bring the gospel to people who've been burned by church and are tired of religion. And as we do that, we want to maintain our uncompromising principles along the way.

Stay behind us as we go. And pray behind us as well. We appreciate you and your support of us. We couldn't do it without you.