Forgetting The Past ...
Posted on 10.11.2012

Forgetting The Past

Ok, well it has finally happened.  I have already enlarged my font on my laptop and cell phone, but this last week I crossed the final thresholdÖ. I had to ask a total stranger to read my boarding pass and tell me what seat I am sitting in.  I just could not read it no matter how far I pulled it away from my face.  So, I am getting reading glasses this week.  Donít want to, but Iíve got to be able to read.  I just know this is what Iíll feel like.

As most of you already know, I have had problems with my knees and I am just now getting back to shooting a few low impact games with some guys here who play during their lunch hour.  Good guys, nice guys, but not the kind of level I am use to playing.  And the fact is, I am the worst out there.  Iím just slow and out of true basketball shape.  They donít know that.  They donít know me, but I KNOW ME.  Or should I say, I remember the old me.  The first few times back on the court it took all I had not to scream.

So, I got to thinking of this verse of scripture:

Philippians 3:14 (NIV) I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

I have never given any other thought to this verse other than forgetting those things in my past that were bad.  But these days, it is starting to apply to the good, too.

I can see why so many middle-aged guys want to re-live the glory days and find all opportunities and excuses to do so. It really is all about feeling young again.  But to cast aside a whole life of memories and relationships just to relieve a macho state at any level is just not wise.  We just need to wise up and forget those things that are in the past and press on.

I can see how a woman who is not looked at the same by her man after a few kids would find it emotionally stimulating when they notice that they are being noticed.  The ego is so hard to keep in check; it really is.  

So, I say letís take this verse of scripture today and turn it to our favor and forget those things that are in the past and keep pressing toward the prize of the high calling of God.  What is the prize?  Youíll have deeper and more real relationships with man and our Lord, roots that go beyond looks, love that will be there to change your soiled bedding when all your young beauty is gone.  Youíll have deeper, more meaningful love from the Father shared between two people and a handful of close friends.  

That sounds like a prize Iíd like to win and I intend to keep pressing on.  How about you?