It' A Glorious Day ...
Posted on 03.17.2013

It’s A Glorious Day!

Why?  Because the Lord has made this day for you and He loves you unconditionally.  Now that’s something to smile about!  

Want something else to smile about and make your day a Glorious Day?  Well, here it is:The NEW Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Studio CD “GLORIOUS DAY” is NOW AVAILABLE for pre-order!  YEAH!!!


You know we have always tried to do a great pre-order special and give you a great gift for ordering early.  But this time I think we have outdone ourselves.

So, hold on to your hat!

If you pre-order the Glorious Day CD, you will IMMEDIATELY receive ---

  • Our first ever Concept Video of “Sometimes I Wonder”
    Here is a little teaser of our first concept Video (Watch It Here)
  • You will IMMEDIATELY receive our first single from the Glorious Day CD.  It is the 11th track on the CD: an acoustic version of “Sometimes I Wonder”. (Listen To Sample)

And if that was not enough – WAIT THERE’S MORE!

  • You will IMMEDIATELY be able to download a file that contains a private link to view a live EHSS concert where we staged many of these new songs.  Just double-click on the file after you download it and copy/paste the link in the file into your web browser to be taken directly to YouTube. This concert was recorded on January 26th, 2013 at Fayetteville Community Church in Fayetteville, NC.  We streamed this concert live that night, but many of you were not able to view it due to the low band with at the church.  The Pastor and our good friend Wesley Pritchard downloaded the whole concert and we have it uploaded and it is ready for you to enjoy RIGHT NOW!  

So, you see the theme here.  You used to have to wait to receive your free gift, but now you can receive them right now.  And, you will still receive the Glorious Day CD in the mail on or before the street date of April 2nd, 2013.  


This is no joke!  Just our way of saying thanks for supporting EHSS.

Fine Print: to receive the downloadable product, you will have to register in the store as opposed to checking out as a guest.  It will only add one extra step to this process and will streamline any future orders you place with us!

You are going to love this CD!  We are excited about this first-ever project with our new bass vocalist Paul Harkey.  IN fact, our Glorious Day CD received the highest rating:  A 5-star review! (Read it here.) 

Hope you like what we have put together for you.

In closing, take a look at the back of the artwork and the song titles.


As you can see, there are some great old classics on here along with some new, soon-to-be classics (we hope).  

God bless you all!

Go out and make it a Glorious Day.  The Lord loves you and so does EHSS!