I'm Back
Posted on 09.01.2014




I'm Back

Hi Friends,


I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed my time off.  Thank you so much for allowing me to be silent and have this personal time.  My wife Lisa, and the rest of my family, thanks you as well. 

I also want to thank my personal staff (Michelle Gayhart, Michael Berg & Brian Hudson) for their expertise during this time away.  Great job, team!

So, it is with great anticipation and a quiet spirit that I look forward to leading this band of brothers called EHSS into the fall season.  I’m excited to see what our Father has in store.  For we know our plans are one thing, but it is the Lord who really guides our steps when we are trusting in Him. (Psalm 37:23).

In closing, let me say that one of the main questions I have been asked by those who really know me is, “How have you been able to unplug?” Working and creating is so much of what I do and who I am that it is a valid question.  So in the next few emails, I’ll try my best to share a few things with you that I’ve learned, and am still learning, about “How To Unplug” from the stress of living and how to “Plug In” to Christ.


Until Then,