Harvest Time ...
Posted on 09.16.2014


Harvest Time

Hello Friends,

It's that time again. 

Fall is in the air here in northeast Ohio.  The local high school marching band is playing off in the distance.  I can hear the drum line lay out a rhythm that says football is back.

That also means cool weather, spiced tea and basketball is not far away. The local farmers are gonna love the harvest this year.  A great summer of rain and sun means the harvest will be wonderful. 

I am so excited to see what God has in store for EHSS as we enter the fall season.  We have planted and worked, and I just know the fall will be plentiful with great concerts that will be full of the Spirit of God. 

I can envision the emails and social media posts about all of the victorious things that will take place as harvest time comes. 

Are you ready for your harvest?  Have you planted and prepared? 

There is still time to plant and water the soil of your heart.  Give God your whole heart. Seek, knock and ask.  Long for Him and His presence, and you will reap what you sow. 

Heavenís marching band is warming up.  So keep your hand to the plow; itís almost harvest time.

Oh What A Savior!