Have A Game Plan
Posted on 09.30.2014


Imagine a football coach taking his players into a game against their biggest rival…with no game plan whatsoever.

The odds are very high that:

1.      There will be no continuity

2.      There will be team dysfunction

3.      There will be defeated spirits

4.      There will be victim mentality (“Referees are not fair”) among the players

5.      The coach will eventually be replaced

I ask you, do you have a game plan for living your life?  Do items 1-4 describe you in any way?  You know that item #5 can’t happen…you can’t fire yourself from leading yourself.  After all, only you can say what is most important to you.  So, again, do you have a game plan?

I asked myself these important questions: “What are the things that only I can do?  What are the things that I can instruct, delegate or train others to do?” After I searched, prayed and mined out the answer to these questions, I found out that I was spending most of my time and energy on things that are not of value to me.  I use the word value because I feel that everything else, although important, is not what I was put on this earth to accomplish.  So here is my game plan:

Only I can be…

1.      the one who can seek God with all my heart.  Others can point and instruct, but only I can be the second person in this spiritual relationship…I MUST SHOW UP!

2.      the one who can romance and love my wife the way she needs to be loved.  I made a vow and for it to work in a real and thriving way…I MUST SHOW UP!

3.      the one who has a vision for my ministry.  Mentors are great and I have been blessed to have many.  But none of them can hear my heart and the calling on my life.  For my calling to keep moving forward…I MUST SHOW UP!

4.      the connection point to my family and close friends. I have been blessed with a personality that encourages and uplifts people on and off stage.  I must be there for these special people in my life. I need them and they need me.  And for this spiritual connection to be organic and real…I MUST SHOW UP!

5.      the one who can make me healthy.  No one opens my mouth and shoves food in it.  I am responsible for being healthy so that I can carry out what God has placed in my hands to do.  And for me to be healthy…I MUST SHOW UP!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is that simple.  These are the things I value most in my life.  Everything else is important, but not the MOST important.  Having a game plan lets me then take each of these 5 points and effectively set about carrying them out. 

You will notice that I end each part of my plan with the phrase “I Must Show Up!” I do this because it is the discipline of showing up and doing the work that leads us to victorious life.  No one can expect a harvest without ever planting a seed.  No one can perform an original composition without writing and pouring their heart into the score. And you most definitely can’t have a girlfriend (or boyfriend) without courting them and being a person they would want to spend their life with forever.  We instinctively know and do all of these things when we are young.  Don’t let age and complacency settle into your life.  Don’t let setbacks and loss rob you of your zeal for rebuilding and having more “glory days”.  Show up and do the hard work.  Read, pray, love, embrace, forgive, invest, sweat and be a winner.

And winning? What is winning? For me, it is being able to take my last breath and say…

The time of my departure is at hand. I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. There is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, shall give me at that day.”  2 Timothy 4:6-8

That’s my game plan! Do you have one?

Oh What A Savior!