A Family Reunion
Posted on 11.04.2014

A Family Reunion

These next two weekends will be filled with something I have been looking forward to since November a year ago: A Cathedrals Family Reunion.  It should be great fun.  Every time we are together, we laugh, tell stories, and eat great food.  And, of course, we make some music, too.

Thinking about this coming weekend reminds me of all those fun family reunions we had back when I was a teenager.  This would be my mom’s side of the family.   We used to gather every year in Owensboro, KY at my cousin’s house and have a big bash! We would gather from far and wide to visit, catch up on the past year, eat some barbeque and make some music. Oh, and one more thing: we would also play some bloody, Indiana vs. Kentucky, driveway basketball.  BRUTAL STUFF!

My uncle, Donald Wayne, had this big built-in barbeque pit in the backyard that was loaded with every kind of meat you could possibly think of grilling.  The whole neighborhood was filled with a great mouth-watering aroma.  The air was also filled with something else…MUSIC.

My cousins, Denny Ray and Teddy Joe (yep, everyone in Kentucky gets called by their first and middle names), could play some mean guitars.  We would turn their carport into a stage and lawn chairs would come out of everyone’s trunk to hear the boys play some good ol’ country music. After a set of Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and whatever else was current on country radio, it was time for the Gospel boy…yep, Ol’ Ernie.  That neighborhood was rocking with some Elvis-infused Gospel/Spirituals.  Man, that was a great time!  The family reunions…what memories!  Oh, there were some not-so-good memories there, too.  Always some drama! But looking back, I can’t recall them in detail.   All I remember is what was in the air: food and music.

One day very soon, there is going to be a gathering like never before.  One day, our Father is going to tell an angel to blow a trumpet.  One day, He is going to tell His Son, “It’s Time.  Go get my children!”  And then, from all over the world, from every nation, from every tribe, from every age of time…they will come.  And what will we do?  We are going to eat and sing!

We are going to sit down to a feast that has been prepared by the Lord himself.  We are going to have some great background music, too, for angels will be singing and playing as we feast.  Then, we are going to take the microphone. And as angels step aside, we will sing songs of about grace, redemption and forgiveness. These are songs that the angels can’t sing, but they did help to write.

And drama? There will be no drama there!  Oh, there was indeed drama getting to this reunion.  But we will only be testifying to the amazing grace of the Father who helped us through all the drama so we could finally get together.

And how long will this family reunion last? Hmmm...let me see, how about FOREVER!

Yep, it’s going last…forever! 

That’s how long it will take for us to tell the stories, to taste the new food and wine, to catch up with those who have gone on before us, and to see the all the sights that have never been seen. It’s going to take forever to ask all the questions of the heroes of our faith.  Yep, it’s going to take forever to praise and adore the one who paid the fare so that everyone could afford to be there in person…Jesus…Sweet Jesus…Christ himself…in person.  WOWZA! 

Everyone there will finally be whole, finally at rest, finally free from the things that have separated the family.  Free from politics & parties, free from governments and systems, free from -isms & dogma, free, I say, “FREE” from all things that the great divider (Satan) has used to separate the family.  One day, this reunion will unite and ignite an aroma of praise that will fill heaven with pure love and worship. And, at long last, the Father will breathe it all in.  He will look out over this sea of people and behold what He had in mind all along…a family of His own!

I can’t wait!

Oh What A Savior!