Posted on 01.26.2015
Have you ever had a season in your life when you felt as though your prayers were just not getting through?  Have you ever felt as though the petitions of your heart were just bouncing off the ceiling and back down into your fainting soul?  Have you heard yourself cry out, “God are you there?  Do you even care?”
If we were totally honest with each other, we would have to say that we have all felt this way before. We have all had times where we were disappointed with God.  Disappointed not because of the way our prayers were answered, but disappointed with the complete and total silence of the Father.
Even our master, God’s only Son, cried out on the cross, “My God, my God, why? Why have you forsaken me?!”  You see…
It wasn’t the nails, it wasn’t the thorns
It wasn’t the wail of the people’s scorn
It was the silence; banned and shunned
The violence of His father’s abandonment
That caused my Savior to cry
It was the question, it was the why
Isaiah spoke about the silence of God when he told to the children of God to keep trusting God and rely on Him, even though they walked in darkness and had no light. (Isaiah 50:10)
Abram went through 13 years of silence after God told him He and Sarah would have a son.  Sometimes, we don’t know why He is silent. We don’t always know why God has chosen to wait to show us His plan or to act upon it.  In these times, take a lesson from Abram and don’t let the silence become your signal to take bad advice and lie down with this world’s answer making life-long decision based on silence.  God does not need us to hurry His Isaac.
The great Scottish preacher, Oswald Chambers, spoke to the silence of God.  He says, “We are all being disciplined (with silence) so that God will be real.  As soon as God becomes real to us, people pale by comparison, becoming shadows of reality.  Nothing that other saints do or say can ever upset the one who is built on God.”  
When God is silent, He is actually closer to you than you will ever know.  He is working on the inside, not the outside.  He is breaking all the things we use externally to find strength.  He wants to be real to us.  And to be real, He has to be still and let us see for ourselves that we need Him for the next breath, the next step, and the next beat of our heart.  And the truth is that He is actually closer than all those things.  There is nothing He wouldn’t do to draw closer to you, even if He has to say or do nothing at all.
Even when Jesus was dying on the cross for you and me, He felt the sting of silence.  God turned His back on His own Son.  When He needed to feel the presence of His Father the most…there was nothing but SILENCE.  
Oh What A Savior,