I Pledge - A Prayer for Paris
Posted on 11.17.2015

Hello Friends,

We want to send out our prayers to all the victims and the families who have been affected by the brutal attacks in Paris, France. As we all deal with our fear and mounting concern, let me say something here.  People of faith are not supposed to be people of fear.  We know this, but still we find it disheartening to see where we are headed.  PRAY for our leaders.  PRAY for our enemies, too (this is our Lord's command).  PRAY for all those who are standing in harm's way.  PRAY that all nations who love freedom, liberty and the rule-of-law would come together and find common ground and understanding.  

Shortly after 9/11, we saw the majority of the world gather in unity with America.  Not long after that, maybe 3-4 years, we EHSS sang at the National Day of Prayer in Washington, D.C.  The unity had already dissipated and the bickering was back in the halls of Congress where we were singing.  We felt the tension in the room before we sang.  As we started to sing “I Pledge My Allegiance to the Grand Ol’ Flag”, I saw some military personnel standing along the back wall of the room.  I saw them put their hand on their chest even though this song was NOT our Nation’s anthem.  It dawned on me then and there: these men and women are not pledging allegiance to a piece of cloth.  Rather, they are devoting their lives to what this flag stands for.  While everyone in this room argues on how it should be done, they are on the front line GETTING IT DONE!

As a prayer of unity, we sang this song again (it has been years since we’ve performed it) in Ft. Worth, Texas just hours after the news came out about the attacks in Paris, France. I felt led to sing this song.  As you listen please know that this is not just an American thing.  Freedom and Liberty are built into the DNA of every citizen of every country around the world.  We are meant to live and breathe in freedom.  It’s time we cast aside our FEAR of what the enemy may do and fight for what is right.  Truth and Justice will always win as long as men do not fail to act because of fear. 

In closing, stay strong and brave.  One day soon, our great King is coming back to redeem this world and we'll be at rest from all its strife because the Prince of Peace will bring His perfect rule.  Even so, Lord Jesus, Come!