Naps Are Biblical!

I have a new favorite thing...




Can I get an Amen?  I can hear it from all over the world.  Yes, Ernie!  I know Iím not old; 54 is not old but itís older than Iíve ever been and Iíve noticed a shift in priorities over the last few years.  One major shift is finally listening to my body.  And my body tells me every day around 3:30 PM that I need a nap.  As a matter of fact, when the young guys in my group rib me about it, I tell them, ďNaps are Biblical!Ē Itís right there in Markís gospel (chapter 4, verse 38). Remember the story?  The disciples and Jesus were on a boat headed to another place and a huge storm came up and was threatening to sink the boat.  The disciples were freaking out, but what was Jesus doing?  Taking a nap!  So the way I look at itÖ


ďJesus Took Naps!  I Wanna Be Like Jesus!Ē


After three years of preaching this to the guys, Devin McGlamery got a wise idea and made a shirt.


For the last few months we have been telling that story on stage and presenting the shirt, and itís a HIT!  What a fun way to wear what you really believe and make someone smile.  These shirts are very soft and are perfect for cool evenings or cold restaurants and, most of all, for napping.  I have friends who have texted me pictures of their loved ones napping that are hilarious.  They would kill me if I posted them for who looks good napping?  I know I donít.


To order these popular Nap shirts, click here. Join the fun. And hereís an idea: YOU post the pictures on Instagram and tag me. That way I donít get in trouble!