A Personal Invitation from Ernie

Hello Friends,

I want to personally invite you (and urge you also) to come be a part of our live DVD taping on November 22nd, 2014 in Wabash, IN.

Our concerts are always fun and uplifting, but if you have never been to one of our historical video tapings, then you’ll never know what you are missing.  It’s just too hard to put into words.  So…you will have to take me at my word when I say it will be AWESOME! I promise.

On this night, we will do a 75 to 90-minute set of new material and a few quartet classics that we have re-vamped.  This video will be released sometime next spring (2015).  The working title is“Happy People”.  On this portion of the program, we will have special guests from our StowTown Records family: The Browns & Taranda Greene.


…we will take a 20-minute intermission, change the set and our wardrobe.  We will come back out with a full orchestra and Broadway legend, J. Mark McVey, for another 75 to 90-minute set called “The Inspiration of Broadway”.

Two shows for the price of one!

I posted a sneak peek of one of our rehearsals on YouTube.  You can check it out HERE.

Please make plans NOW to come be a part of our videotaping.

Order tickets HERE.

I want to see you there!

Oh What A Savior!