Weekend Update (News from the Road)

Hi Everyone,

I am taking this chance to share a blessing.  This Monday Motivation/Devotional is the best place to share what God has done.  You have prayed and invested in EHSS and, in turn, everything associated with EHSS has seen God's blessings in a wonderful way.  So, I wanted this Monday Motivation to be about the "Harvest Time" of EHSS.  Recently, it's been a good crop.

This year's Dove Awards program was just amazing.  There is something about being surrounded by your Gospel music friends, celebrating each other & the music that we all love that is just priceless.  But the event is about awards, and we were blessed to receive a few of those!  EHSS was honored with the Dove Award for Southern Gospel Album of the Year for Oh, What A Savior.
My buddy, Doug Anderson, took home the awards for Country Song of the Year for "Love With Open Arms" and for Country Album of the Year for Drive. He and Wayne Haun (producer) did a great job with their acceptance speeches.

And as if those were not enough blessings for us, Cathedrals Family Reunion was named the Special Event Album of the Year!  Seriously, if you haven't seen this and we are going to be near you, you should come see why this is such a special event!!

But the biggest blessing of the night has to be when Doug, Devin, Paul and I got to sing my signature song "Oh, What A Savior" during the telecast.  We were on stage with some of our Southern Gospel friends and our song was the closer for this segment.  It was such a great experience that I just HAD to share a video of it with you! Follow this link HERE! Photos from that night are available on our Facebook page.

It took eleven years to get Wayne Haun to do his first CD project, but just over one year after his first project, Wayne released his sophomore project, Sentimental Christmas. Featuring both Christmas classics and new songs co-written by Wayne, and the expected lush orchestrations he is known for, this project is sure to delight everyone!  I've already got mine and it's been added to my playlist.  Pick up your copy at your local Christian music retailer or click the photo below or HERE to order online.

In Madison, IN, Mayor Damon Welch declared October 10, 2014 to be Ernie Haase Day!  The Mayor even gave me a key to the city!  This is not something I had imagined happening, but it is certainly very cool and something I'll remember forever.

That night was really special, for another reason, too.  I was given a note from a sweet, 94-year old lady who was in the audience.  In her note, she asked if she could be my grandma!  Well, I read the note from the stage and while I was still reading it, here she came down the aisle to the stage!  Before I became a puddle on the floor, I sat down on the edge of the stage and chatted with her.  She helped me sing "Can't Help Falling in Love" and took my hanky!  She stole the show...and everyone's heart that evening.  What a precious memory!

YOU NEVER KNOW... God is using you.  Case in point: we got an e-mail into our office from a pastor who had just attended one of our concerts.  Prior to walking in, this servant who had spent over 30 years shepherding the flock felt like God was finished using him and he was planning his retirement.  In his e-mail, he said, "While he was singing, Ernie looked directly at me and said, 'Don't give up!'  I was on the end by my wife on the front row and there was nobody behind me.  The Lord seemed to say, 'That was for you!'  Please tell Ernie 'Thank You'.  I needed those words.  I now have a deeper hope in what God is going to do next.  I know that God is not through using me."  Praise the Lord for using something so seemingly small to bless one of His children! 

People post some of the nicest things on our Facebook page.  Believe it or not, I see almost all of them.  This one was another blessing on a day I needed it:

"So I am walking with my 8-year old and she is chattering along and all the sudden, she says, "Mommy, I take Ernie to school with me!"  She said that when she is having a bad day, she just thinks about him and his songs and it makes her have a great day again!  Now isn't that precious!  I know!"

IN CLOSING can see this has been a great couple of weeks for EHSS.  I could not help but share this with you.  Ladies and Gentlemen, YOU are just as much a member of our team as anyone on our bus.  Please know that your support helps.  Don't stop!  The best is yet to come!

Oh What A Savior!