Meet Tyler Vestal


I'd like to take this opportunity to announce the newest member of the EHSS family.  His name is Tyler Vestal, and we are excited to have him on board!

If you have been to any of our summer concerts, I'm sure you've seen Tyler playing keyboards along with our own Wayne Haun on the piano.  Due to the success of StowTown Records, Wayne's producer duties for all of the StowTown projects, his additional duties as a committee member on both the Grammy and Dove Awards panels, AND his brand new daily radio show heard on Solid Gospel Radio, Wayne is a very busy man and will not be able to continue to go out with us every weekend.  So, you guessed it...this is where Tyler comes in!

Tyler has been learning the ropes from the best and he will be our new keyboardist.  But never fear...Wayne will continue to serve as our musical director and producer and will travel with us on the weekends when he is available to make sure we are continuing to do everything up to his standards!   He keeps us on our toes and we need that!

EHSS family just keeps getting bigger and, in this case, MUCH YOUNGER!   I'm really enjoying having young Tyler and Dustin on the bus.  They bring back so many fond memories of my younger days with the Cathedrals, and I love the new and fresh ideas they are bringing to the table.

And in addition to all of this news, EHSS would like to wish young Tyler a "Happy 24th Birthday on September 6th!!"  I have socks older than that!!! (Iíve always wanted to use that joke!)

I know you're going to love getting to know Tyler, and to help you out with that, please check out his full Bio HERE.