Exclusive Premiere: Official Lyric Video for Top-Charting Song "Keep On Keeping On"

We know how much the words of "Keep On Keeping On" mean to some of you because you've told us. We are blessed to be sharing this message with anyone who will listen. After you watch the video, I'd like to ask you to do these things for me:

1) ENJOY! Listen to, download, and stream this song. Let it encourage you and serve as a reminder that you are not alone. Let the song fill your spirit with joy. Turn it up and sing along!

2) SHARE! Request "Keep On Keeping On" from your local Southern Gospel radio station or ANY Christian radio station! We believe this song transcends all musical genres. Post about the song on your Facebook and Instagram page. Send the link of the video to someone in your life who might need the same boost in their faith that you got from this song.

3) LIVE IT OUT! Keep On Keeping On for Jesus! Come alongside someone in your family or community and help them to take one more step. That is what we are called to do: help those around us rely on God and His strength no matter what is going on around us.

Friend, I'm here to tell you: Keep On Keeping On!

Watch "Keep On Keeping On" HERE!