The EHSS Fan Retreat is a GO for 2021!

Yes, July 1-4, 2021, we are doing the EHSS fan retreat!!!

Go to this link HERE to get all the information. If you already signed up last year, your reservation is still good. But please don’t take anything for granted. Give them a call and make sure all things are in order. This last year was crazy for Kriss and all the dear people who host our retreat there at the Ohio Star Theater; so give them some grace and time to respond.

For those who live in the Sugar Creek, OH, area (where the retreat is located), please know you do not have to attend the whole retreat to come see one of the three concerts we will be doing. 

There are single tickets available!

So, just to be clear, even though there are packages for people who come to stay the whole 4 days with us at our retreat, we also do 3 full-length concerts that are open to the public: one on Thursday evening (7pm), one on Friday evening (7pm), and one on Saturday afternoon (1pm).


No two shows are the same. All three shows are 90-minutes long. Come to one or come to all three. Tell your friends and make a weekend trip of it. We’d love to have you!