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About EHSS

From its formation in 2003, Ernie Haase has built Signature Sound not only into one of the most popular and beloved quartets in all of Gospel music but, with their theme-based shows, they have endeared their brand of infectious joy, suburb harmony and performances to a very broad worldwide audience.

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound has sung and sold to millions worldwide, a feat that has not been accomplished by very few quartets of this style. From concerts in Latvia, Germany, Amsterdam, and all of Western Europe to India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, events all around North America, TV appearances on ESPN with NASCAR, multiple NBA appearances singing our National Anthem, and even a specialty tour of historic American theaters, Signature Sound is a world-renowned quartet that spans a wide variety of genres and cultures.

As group founder, Haase is a creative, hard-working tenor whose early roots with the unforgettable and legendary Southern Gospel quartet, The Cathedrals along with touring with The Gaithers, helped begin his dream to form a powerhouse group of his own. His goal was soon accomplished and then some...as EHSS quickly gained an international platform with their Gospel Shows, Inspiration Of Broadway show, A Jazzy Christmas show, and now, the Decades Of Love shows. EHSS is a crowd favorite wherever they go! Meeting with fans after the show is the magical icing on the cake that Haase prides himself in adding to each market. It’s all about the patrons!

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound is both a 7 time GRAMMY(R)-nominated and multi-GMA Dove Award-winning artist, a radio favorite in the United States and internationally, and a leader in CD sales and long form music video sales--with several RIAA(R)-certified Gold(R) and Platinum(R) DVDs.