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A Tribute to the Cathedral Quartet (2010)

  • 1

    Wedding Music

    • Lyrics

    Words & Music by Kirk Talley
    Copyright 1991 Kirk Talley Music Co/BMI

    Is that wedding music I hear
    The Brideís adorned and ready to appear
    Thereís heavenly preparation
    For the wedding celebration
    Is that wedding music I hear

    Verse 1
    The family is preparing for a wedding
    All have been invited to attend
    The Bride is standing ready
    Waiting for the signal
    When the Groom says
    Rise my children come on in

    Verse 2
    Soon we'll rise to leave this land of sorrow
    For that ceremony in the air
    The Father then will lead us
    Thru the Holy Land of splendor
    Have you made your preparation
    To go there

  • 2

    Step Into The Water

    • Lyrics
    Words & Music by Kirk Talley
    Copyright 1981 Homeward Bound Music
    Copyright 1984 Assigned to Kirk Talley Music

    Step into the water
    Wade out a little bit deeper
    Wet your feet in the water
    Of His love
    Step into the water
    Wade out a little bit deeper
    Come join angels singing
    Praises to the Lamb of God

    Verse 1
    It's time we the people
    Stand up for what is right
    It is time we squared our shoulders back
    Raised our swords to fight
    For the Bible is my weapon
    And the Spirit is my shield
    The church needs more of its members
    To be workers in the field

    Verse 2
    There is victory for the Christian
    Who walks the narrow way
    There has been a prize appointed
    For the soul who does not stray
    Oh, I want to live for Jesus
    Be all that I should be
    So that I can rest with Him forever
    Live eternally
  • 3

    Boundless Love

    • Lyrics

    Words & Music by Dianne Wilkinson
    Copyright 1986 Homeward Bound Music BMI

    Verse 1
    There is not a mother
    Sister, friend or brother
    Loves the way that Jesus can

    He proved His love for me
    When He died on Calvary
    He gave His life for fallen man

    His love (His love) is a boundless love
    And it reaches down and touches me (touches me)
    His love (His love) is an endless love
    That will last through all eternity

    Verse 2
    Jesus wants to love you
    There is none above you
    You are precious in His sight
    He will never fail you
    When the doubts assail you
    Heíll be with you day and night

    Repeat Chorus

  • 4

    I Thirst

    • Lyrics
    Words & Music by Bev Lowry

    Verse One

    One day I came to Him
    I was so thirsty
    I asked for water
    My throat was so dry
    He gave me water
    I had never dreamed of
    But for this water
    My Lord had to die


    He said ďI thirstĒ
    Yet He made the rivers
    He said ďI thirstĒ
    Yet He made the sea
    ďI thirstĒ said the King of the ages
    In His great thirst
    He brought water to me

    Verse Two

    Now thereís a river
    That flows as clear as crystal
    It comes from Godís throne above
    And like a river
    It wells up inside me
    Bringing mercy and life giving love
  • 5

    This Old House

    • Lyrics
    Words & Music by Stuart Hamblen
    Copyright 1954 Hamblem Music Co (ASCAP)

    Verse 1
    This ole house once knew my children
    This ole house once knew my wife
    This old house was home and comfort
    As we fought the storms of life
    This ole house once rang with laughter
    This old house heard many shouts
    Now she trembles in the darkness
    When the night wind walks about

    Ainít a gonna need this house no longer
    Ainít a gonna need this house no more
    Ainít got time to fix the shingles
    Ainít got time to fix the floor
    Ainít got time to oil the hinges
    Nor to mend the window pane
    Ainít a gonna need this house no longer
    Iím getting ready to meet the saints

    Verse 2
    This ole house is a gettin shaky
    This ole house is a gettin old
    This ole house lets in the rain
    This old house lets in the cold
    On my knees Iím gettin chilly
    But I feel no fear of pain
    Cause I see an angel peekin
    Through a broken window pane
  • 6

    Champion Of Love

    • Lyrics
    Words & Music by Phil & Carolyn Cross
    Copyright 198 Love Song Press BMI

    Verse 1
    Ladies and gentlemen
    May I have your attention
    I want to introduce to you
    In this corner, of the good and the right
    Stands a champion, robed in white
    His height exceeds the heavens
    His weight outweighs the world
    His reach reaches everywhere
    His age is evermore

    He is higher than the highest
    Greater than the great
    No one will ever take His crown away
    Heís more mighty than the mightiest
    He reigns from above
    Heís the all-time undisputed, undefeated
    Champion of Love

    Verse 2
    He left His hometown
    To enter this arena
    To raise His hands in victory for me
    An angry crowd crucified
    This King who wore their crown
    And they gladly watched their champion going down
    But I will never count Him out
    For Iím a witness of
    The day He rose to retain the title
    Champion of Love
  • 7

    I'm Gonna Live Forever

    • Lyrics
    Words & Music by Shirley Cantrell
    Copyright 1981 Homeward Bound Music BMI


    Iím gonna live forever
    Iím gonna die no never
    Jesus died on a tree for me
    And Iím gonna live forever

    Verse 1
    I know my name may never be
    Hung in lights upon a marquee
    Because Jesus Christ hung on a tree
    Iím gonna live forever
    King of the Jews the cross proclaimed
    While those around Him mocked His name
    It was for me that He bore all the shame
    So I could live forever

    Verse 2
    I know my name will never be
    Written down in history
    But Jesus wrote my name in the book of life
    And thatís enough for me
    Someday Heís coming back again
    And nothing for me will be the same
    Iíll have a new body and a brand new name
    Iím gonna live forever
  • 8

    Can He Could He Would He

    • Lyrics
    Words & Music by John Chisum & Dwight Liles
    Cpryright 1986 Ariose Music, ASCAP & Bug & Bear Music, ASCAP

    Oh, can He (can He save me)
    Could He (could He love me)
    Would He (would He take me)
    Did He (did He really)
    Can He could He would He
    Yes He can He could He would
    And He did

    Oh, can He (can He save me)
    Could He (could He love me)
    Would He (would He take me)
    Did He (did He really)
    Can He could He would He
    Yes He can He could He would
    And He did

    Verse 1
    From the moment I heard about the Lord and His word
    Well it seemed a bit too good to be true
    There were questions and doubts
    I tried to figure them out
    But the best that I could do
    Was to wander around in the love that I found
    Until my questions started answering themselves
    Singing, Can He could He would He
    Yes He can He could He would
    And He did

    Repeat Chorus

    Verse 2
    You can say you donít know itís necessarily so
    Like somebody said it once in a song
    You can think what you choose but let me tell you the news
    The Lord has loved you all along
    So if you're asking again well the doubts never end
    Simply trust Him and youíll see for yourself
    Singing, Can He could He would He
    Yes He can He could He would
    And He did
  • 9

    Wonderful Grace Of Jesus

    • Lyrics
    Words & Music by Haldor Lillenas
    Copyright 1918 Renewal 1946 Hope Publishing Co, Carol Stream, IL

    Wonderful grace of Jesus
    Greater than all my sin
    How shall my tongue describe it
    Where shall its praise begin
    Taking away my burden
    Setting my spirit free
    For the wonderful grace of Jesus
    Reaches me

    Wonderful the matchless grace of Jesus
    Deeper than the mighty rolling sea
    Higher than the mountain
    Sparkling like a fountain
    All sufficient grace for even me
    Broader than the scope of my transgressions
    Greater far than all my sin and shame
    Oh magnify the precious name of Jesus
    Praise His name

    Wonderful grace of Jesus
    Reaching the most defiled
    By its transforming power
    Making him Godís dear child
    Purchasing peace and Heaven
    For all eternity
    And the wonderful grace of Jesus
    Reaches me
  • 10

    Sinner Saved By Grace

    • Lyrics
    Lyrics are not available
  • 11

    Old Convention Song

    • Lyrics
    Words & Music by Tim Loveless & Roger Jerry Powell
    Copyright 1988 Homeward Bound Music BMI

    We used to come from miles around
    Have dinner on the ground
    Underneath those old shade trees
    And sing the old songs in shaped notes
    In four part harmony
    Like ďHe Set Me FreeĒ and ďHeíll Pilot MeĒ
    Any ďAnywhere Is HomeĒ
    How long has it been since you heard an old convention song
    I still (I still) love to hear (love to hear) those old convention songs
    That I heard (that I heard) as a child (just a little child) as we sing them all day long
    Like ďIím Gonna Walk and ďJust A LittleTalkĒ
    And ďAll The Day LongĒ
    How long has it been since you heard an old convention song

    Gospel songs today have a lot to say
    They lift you up when you're feeling down
    Some have a country flavor
    Some have a modern sound
    They all serve a need of planting seeds
    So I know they canít go wrong
    But there is none so dear as when I hear
    An old convention song

    How long (how long) has it been
    Since you heard ďAfter AwhileĒ
    How long (how long) since you heard ďGive The World A SmileĒ
    How long (how long) since you heard ďIím Winging My Way Back HomeĒ
    How long has it been since you heard an old convention song
  • 12


    • Lyrics
    Words & Music by LaVerne Isbell
    Copyright 1982 Onward Bound Music

    I went down to Mexico to have a little fun
    To hang around and see the town
    And lie out in the sun
    As I walked along one evening
    Just outside of town
    I passed a little chapel and I heard a pretty sound

    Curiosity carried me in to stay awhile
    And I heard things I hadn't heard
    Since I was a child
    They sang about Godís saving grace
    Right there in that little place
    I found Jesus down in Mexico

    I know that I never shall forget
    All the pretty things I found in Mexico and yet
    The most beautiful and precious ever told
    Was salvation that I found in Mexico

    I may never see that little Spanish town again
    But Iíll always think of it as when my life began
    Evíry day Iím lifted up just knowing that Iím saved
    I donít have to worry about life beyond the grave
    Iím depending on Godís power
    To keep me safe through every hour
    Eternity is beautiful to me
    I have a better life I know
    I tell it everywhere I go
    I found Jesus down in Mexico
  • 13

    God Delivers Again

    • Lyrics

    Words & Music by Ronald Michael Payne
    Copyright 1980 Homeward Bound Music

    Verse 1
    Standing there at the Red Sea
    Godís people began to complain,
    "Soon Pharaoh and his mighty army
    Will take us in bondage again."
    "Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord," Moses cried
    Then God parted the waters
    And they crossed to the other side

    God delivers again
    Oh my God delivers again
    Just when things look hopeless
    He reaches down His hand
    Then all the forces of evil
    Have to flee at His command
    Just when things look hopeless
    My God delivers again

    Verse 2

    "Weíll never bow to your idols,"
    The three Hebrew children proclaimed
    So the king gave the command to
    Throw them into the flame
    The king said, "Did we not cast three men into the furnace bound?
    I see four men loose in the fire unhurt and theyíre walking around."

    Repeat Chorus

  • 14

    Life Will be Sweeter Someday

    • Lyrics

    Arranged by David Reese

    Verse 1

    Jesus said I believe Him
    Life will be sweeter someday
    Iím gonna trust Him
    Never doubt Him
    No matter what the folks may say
    Canít turn away from Him lightly
    Because the joys of Heaven Iíll miss
    For I will live on up in Glory after awhile
    After awhile


    Donít you know Iím gonna sing, sing
    With the angels above
    Iím gonna talk, talk
    To the ones that I love
    Iím gonna tell Him
    About my troubles
    After awhile, after awhile

    Verse 2
    Oh well, Iím gonna march, march
    Down the streets of pure gold
    Iím gonna talk, talk
    To the prophets of old
    Iíll be happy up in Glory
    After awhile, after awhile

    Repeat Chorus

  • 15

    Moving Up To Glory Land

    • Lyrics
    Words & Music by Lee Roy Abernathy
    Copyright 1983 Lee Roy Abernathy

    Verse 1
    I love to think about a paradise
    Somewhere beyond the blue
    A mansion waiting in the eastern skies
    May be next door to you
    Weíll go parading through the distant stars
    Right down the Milky Way
    The planets Jupiter and Neptune and Mars
    Wonít even be half way

    Moving moo-oo oov-ing
    Moving up to Gloryland
    Moving moo-oo oov-ing
    Holding to His nail-scarred hands
    Donít know when Iím leaving
    But Iím ready to go
    When I get to Heaven
    Iíll be welcome I know
    Moving moo-oo oov-ing
    Moving up to Gloryland

    Verse 2
    I made my reservation long ago
    The day I gave up sin
    And when my mansionís ready this I know
    Iím gonna move right in
    I have a vision of a happy place
    Where friends and loved ones meet
    Right on the corner of Love Avenue
    And Hallelujah Street
  • 16

    The Plan Of Salvation

    • Lyrics

    Words & Music by Ruby Moody
    Copyright 1986 Yellow House Music ASCAP

    I want to thank Jesus
    For the plan of salvation
    Just to say, Lord I love you
    For you understand
    I want to be there on
    That great judgment morning
    To touch all the nail prints
    In his feet and his hands

    Verse 1
    One morning at day break
    A crowd slowly gathered
    They were walking my Lord up
    Old Calvaryís hill
    So sad was the scene there
    The birds hushed their singing
    Like a Lamb He was humbled
    To His Fatherís own will

    Repeat Chorus

  • 17

    We Shall See Jesus

    • Lyrics
    Words & Music by Dianne Wilkinson
    Copyright 1983 Homeward Bound Music

    Once on a hillside
    People were gathered
    Hoping to see Him
    As thousands were fed
    He touched the blind eyes
    Healed broken spirits
    Moved with compassion
    He raised up the dead

    Once on a hillside
    People were gathered
    Watching as Jesus was crucified
    No one showed mercy
    To the One who had healed them
    Yet Jesus loved them
    As he suffered and died

    Once on a hillside
    People were gathered
    For Jesus had risen
    And soon would ascend
    Then as He blessed them
    He rose to the heavens
    And gave them this promise
    To come back again

    We shall see Jesus
    Just as they saw Him
    There is no greater
    Promise than this
    When He returns in
    Power and Glory
    We shall see Jesus
    Just as He is
  • 18


    • Lyrics
    Words & Music by George Younce


    Yesterday things were different
    Today theyíre different again
    Jesus will never never change
    Jesus is always the same

    Verse 1
    The sparrow will find a new dwelling
    The eagle will change his nest
    But Iím holding on to the changeless one
    And Iím leaning on His breast

    Verse 2
    A river will change its course
    And mountains may crumble and fall
    Time will leave its mark they say
    Upon us one and all
  • 19

    Gaither Medley

    • Lyrics
    Lyrics are not available
  • 20

    (Bonus Track) He Made a Change

    • Lyrics

    Words and Music by: Ernie Haase and Joel Lindsey
    © 1998 Bridge Building/BMI/New Spring/ASCAP. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

    When Paul met the Lord on Damascus Road
    He never was the same again
    When Peter met the Lord He left his boat
    And started fishing for men
    Well, I may not be Peter or Paul

    But one thing I can truly say
    When I met the Lord and made Him my choice
    He definitely made a change

    He made a change
    He made a change in the way that I'm walking
    He made a change
    He made a change in the way that I'm talking
    Old things pass away, behold everything's new
    He made a change
    He made a change in the life that I'm living
    I'm born again, set free, finally forgiven
    If He can make a change in me, He can make a change in you

    Well, well, well I've seen some old friends shaking their heads
    'Cause they never thought they'd see the day
    When a sinner like me would praise the Lord
    Or bow my head to pray
    Well, I'm not what I used to be
    You see my life has been rearranged
    Well there's nothing that I've done, but I have found Someone
    Who definitely made a change


  • 21

    (Bonus Track) Oh What a Savior

    • Lyrics

    Words & Music by Marvin P Dalton
    Copyright Stamps Quartet Music BMI

    Verse 1
    Once I was straying
    In sinís dark valley
    No hope within could I see
    But they searched through Heaven
    And found a Savior
    To save a poor lost soul like me

    O what a Savior
    O Hallelujah
    His heart was broken
    On Calvary
    His hands were nail scared
    His side was riven
    He gave His lifeís blood for even me

    Verse 2
    Deathís chilly waters
    Iíll soon be crossing
    But His hand will lead me safely oíer
    Then Iíll join that chorus
    In that great city
    Iíll sing up there forever and ever more

    Repeat Chorus